Amanda Bynes Is Stable And Lucid After Getting Off Her Meds


After several difficult months, during which she had trouble with the law and was placed under involuntary psychiatric care, Amanda Bynes seems to be finally doing okay. Her family says that she is off her medications, including Adderall, and that she is feeling well, stable and lucid.

The actress is trying to keep a low profile and just take it easy now that she is out of psychiatric care and off her drugs. He is doing yoga, pilates and meditating, she is reading and taking long walks, basically doing everything that helps her stay calm, focused and peaceful.

The bipolar disorder is a condition which works in cycles, meaning that a person can be well one moment and then all of the sudden go back to being unwell, which is something that Bynes’ family is worried about. But they are being optimistic and trying to give Amanda her freedom, including limited access to her bank account.

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