Another Look At Leto’s Joker


Everything about the Batman vs. Superman movie has proven to be controversial and one decision that definitely polarized fans was the announcement that Jared Leto got the chance to be Joker.

Lately, we have been getting glimpses of Leto’s transformation, something he is definitely not afraid to do for a role.

The latest “leak” was definitely very accidental as it came from a photo of Leto showing someone a photo of himself as Joker on his phone. Someone took a photo from behind and it definitely shows the actor in full Joker mode.

The fans quickly noticed that Joker is wearing a white suit which corresponds to the outfit that the villain wears in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. If you squint real hard, you can also make out the green hair that Leto has already showed to his fans.

The Joker is definitely coming to life!

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