Anthony Horowitz Apologizes To Idris Elba


When Anthony Horowitz was asked about his opinion on Idris Elba as the new James Bond in a recent Daily Mail interview, the novelist said that although he has always considered Elba to be a ‘terrific actor,’ he simply had other black actors in mind. He concluded that Elba is ‘a bit too street for Bond’ and when asked whether it is a question of being suave, he responded affirmatively.

However, it appears that Horowitz realized that the term ‘street’ was used a bit too harshly and he issued an apology over his Twitter account shortly after. In his statement, he claims he is ‘mortified to have caused offense’ to Elba and others. We’ve yet to see what Idris thinks of this entire situation, but it is nice to see that good-mannered people still exist.

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