Tori Spelling Wants Money From Benihana


If you thought your uncle who goes around town unscrewing outdoor A/C units in the hope they would fall on his head was a litigious jerk, wait till you hear the news about once-TV star and current-fame-starved lady Tori Spelling and her suit against Benihana.

Tori is suing the entire Benihana Corporation for an incident that happened in their restaurant in Encino, California. Namely, Tori slipped there and fell arms first on a hibachi grill. This went down in April and Tori definitely did suffer some serious burns on her arms.

The only question that remains, and one that will need to be settled in court, is how this is anyone else’s fault but hers. The details are sketchy at the moment and there is no telling whether Spelling is simply fishing for a handout or whether she is right to sue.

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