Are Zayn And Gigi Still Together After All?


Even though the news about the breakup of one of the most stylish young celebrities – Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid, exploded last Thursday all over social media, it seems that we still haven’t heard the end of it all, as US Magazine reports.

The Victoria’s Secret supermodel, Hadid, substantiated the possibility of the couple still (again?) being in a relationship when she mentioned that she prefers spending her nights snug at home with her boyfriend and dog. The celebrity didn’t mention Zayn’s name, but her behavior clearly showed that emotions are still very much present when it comes to these two.

Hadid even used Snapchat to post her lip sync of the Malik’s famous song – Pillowtalk, in which the two of them showed us a snippet of what their pillow talk looks like, and it was steamy to say the least. Hadid even wore a necklace with the letter Z on it, and if that is not a definitive display of affection, then nothing is. Malik has been quiet ever since the rumors about the breakup started spreading, so we don’t have his side of the story yet.

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