Surprise Kanye West Show Canceled For Security Reasons


Superstar rapper Kanye West was supposed to perform at the Governors Ball in New York City on Sunday, but the event was canceled as a result of inclement weather. But West wasn’t having it. He really wanted to perform for the New York crowd that night.

So the rapper took the situation into his own hands and decided to organize a special surprise show on his own. He picked Webster Hall for the scene of the show, announcing a special show at 2am that night. It obviously sold out in minutes.

News reports from the scene  said that there were more than 4,000 people lined up in front of Webster Hall that night, literally taking over the streets in an effort to get into the show. But it wasn’t meant to be.

Police were none too pleased about the situation and decided to cancel the show due to security reasons. That was probably a good decision. There might have been a riot if the show went on as scheduled and these thousand of people were not able to get in to see it.

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