Kanye West’s California Studio Got Robbed Last Week


Chicago rapper Kanye West is none to pleased about that fact that his private studio has been robbed. According to Music Times, police reports say that the studio was robbed last Monday night and that the thieves walked away with laptops and desktop computers with more than $20,000.

We all know that West absolutely hates losing money, especially after he recently ranted that he was in debt and that he wanted Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to give him some money.

On the bright side, West’s computers are all equipped with the latest encryption technology, so at least all of his files and data are hopefully going to remain safe.

The studio is located close to where he lives with his wife Kim Kardashian, in Calabasas, California. The celebrity rapper has a feeling that this was an inside job and that the theft was carried out by someone who works at the studio and has had access to it regularly.

This is the studio that West used to record most of his latest album “The Life of Pablo.”

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