Depp And Heard Camps Are Forming All Around Hollywood


All the drama around the Depp-Heard divorce has caused tidal waves in both Hollywood and on social media. After Heard’s accusations that Depp hit her with a phone, screamed at her and pulled her hair, things have become quite heated, reports People.

Naturally, sides were immediately formed when the news broke out about the temporary restraining order that Heard got against her soon-to-be ex-husband. You can also see words of support for both parties on all major social media platforms.

Depp’s ex-partner Vanessa Paradis and her sister support Depp unconditionally, Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose is appalled by the allegations while his attorney Laura Wasser says that Heard is accusing him of violent behavior in order to get money and prevent more bad press. Laurie Holden and Paul Bettany are also showing their support for Depp, constantly tweeting about his kindness and gentle spirit.

On the other hand, iO Tillet Wright, who is allegedly one of the witnesses of Depp’s violence, Raquel Rose Pennington, Samantha Spector, Heard’s attorney, and Amanda de Cadenet are all on Heard’s side.

We will see how everything will unfold in the near future, but chances are it’s going to be pretty tense.

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