Rocco Ritchie Is Back In New York City


According to People Magazine’s website it looks like Rocco Ritchie, the son of Madonna and Guy Ritchie, is back in the States.

The teenager was seen back in the Big Apple, going out for some coffee in Manhattan with his friends. Anyone following the pretty ugly legal battle between Madonna and Ritchie knows that Madonna is having a hard time patching up her broken relationship with Rocco and that the teenager has stated many times that he does not want to live with her.

But it looks like they are trying to work it out, finally. Madonna was in London, where her ex-husband lives with Rocco, back in April. She was working on improving her relationship with Rocco. Earlier this year, she filed a petition to get Rocco back to America, citing child abduction laws.

Hopefully Rocco’s return to New York means that Madonna and Guy are starting to understand that it’s not all about them and that their son needs both parents in his life.

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