Money Must Be Funny In Amber Heard’s World!


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been under the media magnifying glass since they announced their split. Expectedly, some nasty stories have found their way to the public, but the news about Heard’s finances has definitely raised some eyebrows, reports Mirror.

Heard’s finances appeared on the Internet after she filed the documentation to the court. Apparently, the famous actress is quite careless when it comes to money, spending a small fortune on “basic living costs” every month. It is not a surprise that celebrities lead quite different lives than the rest of us, but Heard is actually not that rich. She makes around 120,000 dollars per year but spends much more. Namely, the actress spends over 15,000 dollars just on clothing, eating out and entertainment, 10,000 dollars on rent, and another tenner on all kinds of everyday expenses per month.

Heard’s husband of fifteen months, however, has at his disposal 400 million dollars, so it’s very good news for her that they are getting divorced in California, where the assets are split equally among the divorcing parties. This means that Heard could receive at least fifteen million dollars after the divorce.

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