Calvin Harris And Taylor Swift Have Broken Up

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The world is in shock after news broke out that popular DJ Calvin Harris and pop sensation Taylor Swift are no longer an item.

The most shocking thing about it is not that they have broken up, it’s that Harris did the dumping. The whole situation is actually pretty hard to believe, considering that the celebrity couple recently celebrated their anniversary and looked so in love.

Everyone was certain that Swift had finally found her perfect match and that she was going to marry Harris. But that might have been the problem. According to sources, Harris got scared off by the fact that Swift was a bit too clingy and that she was already starting to talk about marriage.

The 32-year-old DJ doesn’t want to make that kind of commitment right now, so he backed out. According to sources close to him, Harris avoided making the decision to break up, even though he had generally lost interest in Swift a few months ago.

What a strange thing to happen! Hopefully Swift isn’t too heartbroken and will be able to recover quickly from this.

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