Heard And Depp Throwing Guilt All Over Hollywood


If somebody told you a year ago that Johnny Depp is borderline violent and abusive, you would probably have a hard time believing it, but Amber Heard made sure to break the illusions we may have about the actor.

On the cover of the People magazine you can see Heard with a bruise on her cheek and a busted lip alongside a heart breaking title about the toxic marriage between the two celebrities.

It’s turning out that more and more witnesses are coming out to testify about how Depp was in fact quite violent and unpredictable during his relationship with Heard, and their fights often escalated into both verbal and physical abuse.

What’s more, there is a word around town that the shooting of the Depp’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” had to be stopped for a while, because the actor had to undergo surgery on his hand. This perfectly coincides with Heard’s story that Depp had in the moment of anger punched his hand through drywall, and one of the actress’ friends actually spoke out in public about walking in on Depp trying to suffocate Heard with a pillow. This seems a bit far-fetched, but time will tell what the truth about this situation is.

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