Arnold Schwarzenegger Sued By Prison Inmates


Arnold Schwarzenegger will soon find himself before the court for alleged misconduct related to his time as the governor of California.

A group of 22 prisoners has filed a lawsuit alleging they were kept detained in prison during a contagious disease outbreak.

A bout of Valley Fever occurred in 2009 when the Terminator was in power, and a group of former and current prisoners decided to bring the case before the court, stating the officials kept them in their cells despite knowing the disease had already killed more than 30 other prisoners.

Incumbent California Governor Jerry Brown will also have to defend himself along with Schwarzenegger, since they’re both named in the lawsuit.

The plaintiffs are suing for medical care remedy and damages beyond the typical pain and suffering in prison.

Well, it seems Arnold’s still haunted by his political past but we’re not sure the court will have sympathy for convicts.

We’ll see.

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