Ashanti’s Twitter Stalker Freaks Out During Court Hearing


Isn’t it cute when people end up in court for harassment and then demand their own requirements from the judge? Well, that’s exactly the case with a man who was accused of stalking Ashanti, who yesterday demanded the replacement of the judge.

Devar Hurd is charged for harassment and stalking conducts after he allegedly bombarded the R&B star with vulgar messages on Twitter. He was charged shortly after he was released from a two-year sentence prison for sending lewd messages to Ashanti’s mother Tina Douglas.

The 35-year old pleaded not guilty last year. Yesterday, he returned to Manhattan Supreme Court with a new lawyer, but neither of them expected Justice Charles Solomon to ask about new evidences including incriminating texts and tweets.

Devar then started shouting “You know I didn’t do nothin’ (sic). Why are you not honouring the simple fact of what’s going on? Isn’t that part of your job?

He then stated, “I want to switch judges”, before adding, “I feel like there’s a conflict of interest. You’re talking about text messages. There are no text messages. You’re talking about emails. There are no emails.”

Justice Solomon ended the hearing shortly after, asking police officers to escort him out, saying, “OK, Sergeant. He’s finished.”

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