Azealia Banks Causes Scandal Aboard Flight (VIDEO)


Azealia Banks went ballistic on her flight from New York to LAX Monday night – she called the flight attendant names we won’t ever be able to put in here, and the worst part is that it’s all captured on video. According to a passenger sitting right next to Banks during the flight, Azealia tried to storm out of the front exit as soon as the plane landed. Unfortunately for her, the path was blocked by a French couple in the 3rd row who were just about to pull their luggage out from the overhead bin.

Azealia apparently tried to cut the line, but the French man put his hand out, which caused her to go into a frenzied state. An eyewitness claims she spit at and punched the man’s face, and clawed his shirt – she also refused to calm down and cooperate when the flight attendant showed up to try and calm her down. She called him some horrible names, and when the police were called, she ran off the plane, dropping her cell phone.

The French couple decided not to press charges.

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