Kim Karadashian’s Ankles On Swoll Again


We all know that pregnancy can get pretty rough on the body, even if you are a millionaire reality television superstar. Kim Kardashian knows, she has been there before. Remember the last time she was pregnant back in 2013 and she just refused to dress like a woman that’s carrying a baby inside of her?

Maybe that’s why North came out so fabulous, but at the same time, Kim is not about to put herself through the same ordeal. If you’ve been following Kim, then you know all about the swollen ankle fiasco of 2013. She was really pregnant with painfully swollen ankles but still did not want to give up on wearing very tight fitting and uncomfortable footwear.

Two years later, Kardashian seems to have learned from that experience. A picture was taken of her in front of a California hotel. Sure, her ankles are swollen again, but this times she’s wearing comfortable fluffy slippers. Good job!

Swollen feet or a new Givenchy tattoo?

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