There Was A Good Burger Reunion Last Night And It Ruled


If you were a 90s kid that grew up on all of the great Nickelodeon shows of that era, then last night’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon probably brought a tear to your eye. Fallon is notorious for milking the nostalgia on his show, but you can’t really blame him. He does it well and we always love seeing it.

Last night was a special show, because it featured a sketch turned pretty terrible movie all us 90s kids love – Good Burger.

Kenan and Kel were the best young comedy duo to many people growing up in that decade, and it was great to see them back together doing their thing. It seemed that they enjoyed it as much as we did, because they stayed in character even after the sketch was finished.

We just want to tell Fallon that we love this kind of stuff – keep doing it. We would love to see a “Clarissa Explains It All” reunion some time soon.

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