Benedict Cumberbatch: Tom Hiddleston Is An Old Bore

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Benedict Cumberbatch did a radio interview on BBC Radio 5 with his friend Simon Mayo.

Most of the talk was about ‘The Imitation Game’, but then Mayo asked about Tom Hiddleston. The reaction was interesting and funny in a way.

The interview is worth listening to, and the Hiddleston part is around the 13-minute mark. Here’s an excerpt from Radio Times.

““That old bore,” said Cumberbatch when Hiddleston’s name came up. On the subject of his Shere Khan voice, Cumberbatch joked: “Oh for Christ’s sake, can’t he just leave off mypatch for one split second?”

Asked if his version is better than Hiddleston’s, the star replied: “Clearly. I got the role. What more proof is there than that?”

Adopting a more serious demeanour, he added: “Look I don’t like competing with Tom. He is too much of a dear friend. There are loads of friends, including him…we will have crossovers with classical roles and reprisals.”

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