Billy Crystal Thinks TV Is Crossing The Line With Gays In Shows


You’d think that the man who pushed the cultural boundaries back in the day when homosexuality was still somewhat shunned, by being the first actor to portray an openly gay man on a popular TV series Soap, would be a bit more sensitive when talking about the issue.

Billy Crystal recently opened up to Mediate and said that he hopes the television manages not to push it too far when it comes to representing gay people on TV shows.

He believes that sometimes, certain shows (he wouldn’t say which ones) push it a little too far for his taste and added he hoped people don’t end up abusing it (“it” being homosexuality) and shoving it in our faces, otherwise it might become “like an every day kind of thing.”

Someone should tell the legendary comedian that that ship has sailed and that, fortunately, the world is well on its way to have homosexuality around as an everyday kind of thing.


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