Will Smith Treats His Crew To Lobster Tail


The debate as to whether Will Smith is a good guy or not is over for good. Namely, at the set of his latest movie Concussion, he treated the entire crew to a seriously fancy and delicious spread.

Will decided to do something special for everyone involved in the production of his future hit and he organized catering from heaven for them on Tuesday. No more hot-dogs and burgers for this crew – it’s all lobster tail, prime rib, filet mignon and other delicacies.

The crew was super excited about it all and they came out saying that Will is the nicest guy in Hollywood and the best guy they ever worked with. This reportedly has nothing to do with this particular gesture of his as he was well-liked long before he organized this feast.

Some of the people who enjoyed the feast said that they have been working with him for more than 15 years and that he has stayed the same nice person all that time.

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