Lindsay Lohan Released From Hospital After Being Diagnozed With Chikungunya

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Sometimes a trip to a tropical paradise can turn out to be everything but pleasant and relaxing, especially if there is a rare disease involved. Lindsey Lohan learned this the hard way, after she got sick with chikungunya, which she contracted in Bora Bora.

Lohan traveled to this dreamy island in the French Polynesia in December to shoot an ad for Esurance. She decided to hang around for a while and have a nice little vacay.

Alas, she was bitten by a mosquito that carried the chikungungya virus and, at first, tried to remain optimistic, refusing to let a small thing like a rare tropical and potentially very dangerous virus ruin her vacation. She was released from hospital as soon as her fever broke, but since she still has severe joint pain, she is referred to a specialist.

However, her condition turned for the worse and upon coming back to the States, she had to be admitted to a hospital, due to a persistent high fever an excruciating joint pain.

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