A Chupacabra Wants Johnny Depp’s Blood


Looks like actor Johnny Depp is having a little bit of fun at the expense of journalists.

He missed a press conference that he was schedule to attend for the promotion of his new movie called Mortdecai. However, the actor did not show up and many of the press people were wondering what had happened to the star.

So what did happen? Well, according to Depp, we was attacked by a mythical beast. He told reporters, after missing the Tokyo press conference, that he was attacked by a chupacabra and that it took up a bit portion of his day.

The actor said that he fought with the beast for several hours, adding that the chupacabra is known for being very persistent.

He added at the end of his statement that he was able to lure the beast into his suitcase, after which he threw it out of the window of his hotel room, which is on the 23rd floor. Very funny, Johnny. Very funny.




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