It Must Be Magic: Lindsay Lohan Completes Hours Of Community Service On Time

"Speed The Plow" - Photocall

Believe it of not, Lindsay Lohan has been able to complete her community service. And it only took a few years! Lohan needed to complete 240 hours of community service that results from a reckless driving arrest back in 2012.

She had three more days, the last time we checked, to complete another 15 hours. And it was looking pretty grim. But it looks like the troubled actress dug in and got it done.

She was in London when she completed her community service, which is eight hours ahead of Los Angeles, so she actually even had some extra time to chill out. And it looks like she took full advantage of it, because the last we heard, people had sighted Lohan in Paris partying hard. Maybe she is just celebrating the fact that she finally completely her tasks?

Either way, we are happy for Lohan. Let’s hope this is the last time she’ll have to do community service.

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