Lindsay Lohan Has Three Days To Complete 15 Days Of Community Service Or Go To Jail.


Lindsay Lohan could be facing jail time if she doesn’t get her act straightened out. She was sentend to a month of community service back in 2014 and she has yet to complete her obligations. According to the courts, she has 15 days left to do and her deadline is steadily approaching.

Her final deadline was November 6, and by that date, she had only completely half of her days.

The judge was nice to the trouble actress, however, and extended her term to this coming Wednesday. Now we wait and see if she’s actually going to do it. Reports close to the star say that she is going to try and get all of it done at the Community Service Volunteers in London, and that she is expected to spend at least six days there working.

Why is she falling behind? Well, first she took a nice vacation trip to Bora Bora, and then she had to recover from contracting a disease known as Chikungunya while she was on her trip.

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