Miley Cyrus Goes Topless At The Beach

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Miley Cyrus is proving once again that she is not just another booty-shaking-tummy-licking-but-deep-down-Puritanical-American-pop-princess with these topless beach frolicking pics. Miley is the real deal and she really does like it when she is not confined by too much clothing.

Miley and her boyfriend, half-Terminator-half-Kennedy Patrick Schwarzenegger were spending a vacation in Hawaii, checking out beaches and finding those that are topless-friendly.

The latest topless pics of Miley were taken on exactly such a beach where the pop-star was able to frolic in the ocean wearing nothing but black bikini bottom and a necklace. It is very obvious that Miley is really enjoying the fact that she is free to truly enjoy the sun and the ocean without the constraints of a bikini top.

We have to wait and see if other US celebrities might take up topless beach fun or if it is still a bit too risqué for them.

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