Is Pharrell Williams Just A Little Sexist?


Pharell Williams, one of the most popular and definitely one of the most accomplished musicians today, gave quite an interesting interview for the latest edition of GQ, where he’s also featured on the cover.

In the interview, in which he talked about his work with Kelly Clarkson and T.I., he also said a few interesting things about working with women, things that could easily be interpreted as a bit sexist (although he probably doesn’t see it that way).

For example, when asked about his assistant, choreographer and art director being all women, he said that he loves surrounding himself with women.

According to Pharell, the way women function and express themselves is something that he finds easier to relate to. Apparently, women are sensitive folks, and he’s a sensitive man himself, so it makes sense he’d rather work with them. He also thinks women are “magical” – they “sense things before it happens.”



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