Selena Gomez Wants To Put An End To Her Girlfriends’ Feud

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Selena Gomez is such a do-gooder that one truly needs to keep track of their insulin to be able to keep up with all the sugary sweety goodness of hers. Her latest act of charity is trying to play mediator between her girlfriends Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

If you don’t remember, Taylor and Katy have quite a bit of bad blood between them and it only seems to be escalating with the thinly-veiled attack that Katy reportedly intends to unleash during her Super Bowl Halftime Show appearance this weekend.

Selena wants her two girlfriends to sit down and talk it out. Sources who know the two pop stars claim that there is very little chance of anything like that happening.

Still, you gotta keep faith in Selena, her angelic presence, and her will to help Taylor and Katy make up.

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