Justin Bieber Goes Into Whiny Little Douche Mode


Last night, Justin Bieber posted a video online in which he expresses his regrets for the way in which he behaved during the taping of the Ellen show which will be aired some time in the future.

He is apologizing for the way he came out during the taping, which according to his own words was conceited and arrogant at times. He goes on to say that this is not the person who he is and that he regrets being that way and behaving questionably in the past.

According to the sources who work on the show and/or who were present  at the taping, Justin was giving one-word answers to his host Ellen DeGeneres and was also noticeably nervous.

We are not usually in his corner, but at least Justin seems honest in the video. Or perhaps he is once again going for that teenage dollar for which he needs to be humble and nice again. It’s hard to tell.

One thing we do know is that we are looking forward to the airing of this particular Ellen episode.

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