Prosecutor Calls Foul On Lindsay Lohan’s Community Service Work


The ongoing saga of Lindsay Lohan vs the court system of the United States of America just got another chapter. It seems that Lindsay might be going to jail, or at least this is what prosecutor Terry White is gunning for.

Mr. White is understandably upset about the type and amount of community service that she did in order to get enough credit to avoid prison time. For instance, she got 18 hours-worth credit for simply meeting and greeting her fans after a play she did in London.

In addition, she also earned 70 hours credit for the so-called “work shadowing experience”. She allowed young people to follow her around “working”. The only problem is that she was not working at the time. Or perhaps that is exactly the type of work she does and this is the most honest case of “work shadowing experience” ever.

In any case, Mr. White believes that Lindsay manipulated the system and that she should be doing time as punishment.

Shawn Holley, Lindsay’s lawyer argued that her client was adhering to what she was instructed by the community service people.

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