Shakira Is Now A Mother of Two!


Good news! Shakira just gave birth to her second son! The still very hot, 37-year-old Colombian singer and Barcelona football (erm…soccer) player Gerard Pique now have two children together.

The couple’s first son is two years old and his name is Milan. We have still not learned anything about the new baby boy, but we can’t wait to find out what his name is going to be and how he looks.

The couple are expected to give some statements to the press about their new bundle of joy on Friday.

And there’s a really good chance that the couple are not even close to done when it comes to having children. Shakira has already stated on several occasions that she would love to have eight or nine children with Pique!

She recently joked that she would like to have enough children to be able to create their own family soccer team.

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