Taylor Swift Says She Never Feuded With Selena Gomez


Singer Taylor Swift has been in the news recently because of a reported feud with pop star Katy Perry. However, in an interview with Rolling Stone recently, Swift said that she never had any type of feud with pop singer Selena Gomez, even though all of the blogs and tabloids tried to make it seem as if the two were constantly at odds.

Swift said that whenever the blogs or papers would report on the supposed feud between the two, Swift and Gomez would talk to each other on the phone and laugh about it.

The media was speculating at the time that Swift stopped hanging out with Gomez because she disapproved of Gomez’s relationship with bad boy boyfriend Justin Bieber. Other reports claimed that Gomez distanced herself from Swift because Swift was too boring and did not like to party.

Apparently, none of that was true and the two pop singers never had any kind of a feud.

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