Mortal Kombat Legacy Star Darren Shahlavi Found Dead In His Home


If you’ve seen anything with great choreographed fights and martial arts sequences in the last decade or so, you have seen Darren Shahlavi kicking ass. You will also be sad to hear that Darren has passed away on January 14th, at the age of 42.

His death was confirmed by his agent to The Hollywood Reporter. The results of the toxicology tests are still to be published, although there are already many rumors that say Shahlavi has died as a result of an overdose.

His most recent work was in Mortal Kombat: Legacy where he played Kano. He also had a role in the pilot for the DC-comics inspired TV show Arrow. The star of the show, Stephen Amell tweeted condolences this Tuesday.

Prior to acting work, Shahlavi worked as a stuntman in numerous movies, including Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, The Chronicles of Riddick and 300.

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