Bobbi Kristina’s “Death Photo” Sold To The Press


It seems that even the dead aren’t able to escape the media pressure. It turns out that somebody took a picture of Bobbi Kristina in her casket and then sold it to the press. And it was for a hefty price – although there are no exact details on who bought the picture, apparently the price was over $100,000.

The Heuston and Brown families are now stuck in a quarrel over who allowed this indecency to take place, and are (of course) blaming each other. Bobbi Kristina’s body had been taken to a cemetery for burial right next to her mother Whitney Houston. The incredibly long feud between the Brown and Houston families was made public once again the day before.

Bobbi Kristina died at a hospice on the 26th of July. That was six months after she was found in a bathtub, unresponsive. She had to be put in a medically-induced coma, but to no avail.

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