Gwen Stefani Files For Divorce And Fans Are Devastated


Don’t speak, I know just what you’re thinking…

And she’s probably right about what we’re thinking… Gwen and Gavin’s marriage was one of those that you think will last forever. This loving couple has been together for nearly 13 years, and they have three sons together.

Now, Gwen has filed for divorce because of their “irreconcilable differences.” But, even though they will no longer remain love partners, they have decided to remain partners in parenthood, for the sake of their children growing up in a safe environment.

In the meantime, Twitter has exploded. Thousands and thousands of fans are heartbroken over the fact that the two are splitting up. Besides the above mentioned fact that they’ve been together for ages, everyone thought of them as the ideal couple. But it turns out that they just can’t go on anymore, and that’s a shame.

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