Britney’s Father Demands More Conservator Cash


Britney Spears’ dad keeps demanding more money to deal with his daughter’s estate issues.

James Spears has even petitioned a court in Los Angeles, asking for more compensational money for serving as Britney’s conservator.

According to the court documents, which were obtained by in Touch magazine, Jamie is paid $16,000 (£10,000) allowance per month, and also receives another $2,000 (£1,250) a month to pay for an office space.

Court documents state that, ”Mr. Spears has been and will be providing primary responsibility for negotiations with regard to all key aspects of the LV Show, global oversight of the LV Show production and logistics, making all final production calls on site.”

Mr. Spears is creating significant savings and value for the Estate through his efforts,’ the documents said.”

Petitioners seeks fair and reasonable compensation for the efforts Mr. Spears has made and will make and the results that he has achieved to date and is expected to achieve in the LV Show.”

He states he needs more money to allow him to carry on with his duties as Britney’s money manager.

He also says he needs extra cash so he could take on new roles and costs relating to Britney’s Las Vegas shows.

Jamie has been his daughter’s conservator since 2008, when he got control of Britney’s estate after she was hospitalized following her breakdown.

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