Ireland Baldwiin Kisses Angel Haze

Alec Baldwin’s daughter, Ireland Baldwin has left many wondering about the status of her relationship with bisexual rapper Angel Haze. She showed off a picture of the couple kissing.

Kim Basinger’s daughter, a model, shared her friendship with the hip-hop star on her social media accounts, sharing also updates and photos of the pair having fun together.

In recent days, the posts have become very intimate. On Tuesday, May 6, Baldwin posted a picture of them sitting on the ground and sharing a passionate kiss.

The caption read, “happy cinco de mayo,” in honour of the American-Mexican holiday.

The model also uploaded an image of her looking at Haze, alongside the line, “this is what they’re always talkin’ ’bout.”

On Friday, May 2 Haze shared a sexy photo on her own account of Ireland looking seductively into the camera while presenting her cleavage.

The caption accompanying the photo read, “I just wanna say you’re mine you’re mineeeee. F**k what you heard.”

Angel, a 22-year old, shared the same shot with the caption, “I spent all my time waiting for flowers to bloom, and now that the darkness is gone, I’m growing my garden with you.”

She also shared an apartment shot with the pair, captioned, “Find what you love and let it consume you.

Ireland, who split from boyfriend Slater Trout in March 2014, features in many of Angel’s shots.

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