Brittany Murphy Biopic Set For September Release


According to sources close to the family, there will be a biopic released in September based on the life of the late Brittany Murphy. It is expected to be aired on the Lifetime channel this fall.

However, there have also been rumors that the television channel did not consult Brittany’s mother during the production of the movie.

Sources are reporting that the movie will chronicle the late star’s rise to fame, her career and her death. It is expected to star Amanda Fuller as Murphy, who is a 29 year old actress. Sherylin Fenn has been called on to play Murphy’s mother.

Murphy’s mother was enraged by recent claims that Brittany and her husband died after being poisoned by Brittany’s estranged father. She also said that she had decided to stay out of the limelight and did not want to comment on the tragic death of her daughter any more than she had to.

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