Katie Holmes Totally Over Tom Cruise


It seems that Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Katie Holmes are still on pretty good terms, but according to Holmes, she is not looking back. She said that she is over the marriage and just wants to move on without dwelling on the past at all. Cruise and Holmes were a power couple in Hollywood for some time and have a daughter together, but have been divorced for a while.

It seems that Holmes did not appreciate the spotlight that much and wants a much more normal and down to earth life for her and her daughter.

In an interview that Holmes did recently with Matt Lauer, she said that she is looking forward to a bright future, both for her family and for her career. According to the actress, who is now 35 years old, she tries not to ever look back and think about what could have been. She wants to take her life one day at a time and focus on the future instead of the past.

She said that she is doing well in terms of her career and that she is having some great new creative experiences that she is really excited about continuing.

When she talks about her daughter and their relationship, Holmes says that she wants to keep the child out of the spotlight as much as possible and to give her a normal life as best as she can. Her daughter is now eight years old.

Holmes said that she grew up in a very close family and that she wants to give her daughter Suri the same type of experience. She said that she is very thankful for her upbringing and that she is going to do her best to make sure that Suri has a similar childhood as much as that is going to be possible considering that her parents are both very famous.

Holmes, who rose to fame in the classic teenage drama television series Dawson’s Creek, is currently working on several film projects. One that she is looking forward to very much is coming out soon and is called The Giver.

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