Miley Cyrus Investigated By The FCC?


It seems that the FCC was not so happy about the Miley Cyrus special that recently aired on NBC. According to sources close to the network, the FCC is investigating the network for violating standards related to sexual or excretory activity.

It seems that the Cyrus special, called Miley Cyrus: Bangerez Tour, was a bit too racy and lewd. However, it seems that NBC might be in the clear. It is a serious station, and most people close to the story believe that the network looked at the special very closely before deciding to air it, meaning that there is a good chance that they deleted any scenes that the FCC might have not deemed appropriate.

Of course, it’s all about ratings. Both NBC and Mile are all about trying to get the best possible ratings for the special, and they knew that controversy sells the best. So it’s clear that NBC knew what they were getting themselves into when they chose to air the show. Of course, it might probably be in questionable taste for many people, but it has yet to be determined whether it did actually violate some FCC regulations.

There was a lot of questionable content in the special, which aired in July. Among many other things, it featured Miley half-naked rolling around the bed with similarly dressed men and women. There is even a scene in which she dresses up one of her backup dancers in the form of a marijuana joint.

Many viewers were in an uproar about this, as is expected. Some people were calling the show borderline pornographic, and many parents were questioning why NBC would be airing something like this during the summer, which is a time when children are allowed to stay up later and have a better chance of catching such a show on television.

If NBC does end up getting fined by the FCC, it could be in the range of up to six figures for the violations. Neither the FCC nor NBC have yet to release any comments related to this story, however.

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