DiCaprio Cheers As Bloom Hits Bieber


Eyewitnesses say that actor Leonardo DiCaprio cheered when colleague Orlando Bloom tried to hit Justin Bieber. When the shot of the fight between the two leaked online, celebrities and fans took sides.

The problems between them came about after rumors that Bloom’s wife, Miranda Kerr, hooked up with Bieber backstage after one of her Victoria’s Secret shows. This upset Bloom, creating a feud between the two stars. This happened in November 2012, and has been simmering ever since, when it finally surfaced in Ibiza on July 30.

Bloom apparently tried to throw a couple of punches at the young singer, and was cheered on by many celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Lindsey Lohan.

According to reports from Anastasia Skolkova, a former Spanish journalist, Leonardo was satisfied. An eyewitness said that the crowd went crazy when Bloom began hitting Bieber. She also reported that Lohan was obviously laughing and the whole DiCaprio’s table were he was sitting at was clapping and applauding Bloom.

Bieber has not denied that he said anything rude to Bloom regarding Kerr, but he claimed that he only said it after Bloom attempted to swing at him. In April, reports came in of Bloom hanging out with Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, which caused speculation and undoubtedly added fuel to the fire between the two men.

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