Miley Cyrus Goes Camping in Style


So, Miley Cyrus went camping recently, but it’s not what you would really expect from a camping trip. Well, it might be what you expect from a Miley Cyrus camping trip. But it’s definitely not your regular camping trip.

If you are a camper, then you would probably be bringing the necessities – a tent, some canned food, flashlights, maybe a cold six pack of beer, something like that. Miley went camping in a much different way. She was wearing all kinds of crazy outfits, hanging out with models in high heels and wearing expensive lingerie.

Like we said, it’s not your average camping trip. And of course, thanks to the wonders of social media, we were able to keep track of everything she did on her night out. However, the night started out in pretty typical fashion for her. She is still on tour and had a show. She came out while her opener Lily Allen was performing and started dancing with her on stage and having some fun. And then she performed her own set.

She then hung out with her new friend Wayne Coyne. It’s still a mystery why the middle-aged rock star and leader of The Flaming Lips hangs out with a teen pop sensation, but who are we to judge? Remember, the two of them got matching chest tattoos a month or so ago.

Also seen backstage at the show with Cyrus was 60s folk rock legend Melanie. Cyrus was performing that night in Nashville, so we can only guess that the camping occurred somewhere in the same area.

Once the night fell and the moon was out, it was time to enjoy the great outdoors. Cyrus got her crew together, which included Coyne of course, and a bunch of model friends both male and female. Of course, they were not dressed in hiking boots and denim shirts, they were mostly in bikini tops and short shorts. And even though they had a lot of camo, it was mostly designer camo, nothing very practical. It’s not like they were going to go hunting or anything.

Cyrus also enjoyed some moonshine that had an apple pie flavor.

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