Bruce Jenner’s Mother: ‘I’m Proud Of Him!’


After months of speculation, Bruce Jenner’s mother has confirmed that he will become a woman.

It has been a much-pondered topic in recent months, due to the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star’s changing and his increasingly feminine appearance.

The mother of former Olympian and reality television star Bruce Jenner has confirmed that her son is going to become a woman. According to Jenner’s mom, she is excited about his transition and she says that she will love him no matter what.

She said that nothing will change the way she feels about her son, and most importantly, nothing will change the fact that he is a great human being. His mom called him a gifted person who instills enthusiasm in people.

And even though she is completely supportive of his transition, there is one thing that Momma Jenner just cannot get behind – and that’s Bruce’s hair. She really does not like it.

She recently told Bruce that his hair looks ridiculous and that a 65 year old should not have a teenager’s haircut. He just laughed it off though, according to his mom, who added the Bruce will do whatever he wants to do and there’s no one who will stop him.



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