Robin Williams’ Closest Family Fights Over His Estate


It’s sad, but it’s true. The family of late comedian Robin Williams is feuding over his estate after the actor and comedian’s untimely death. According to reports, Susan, who is his third wife, is trying to challenge the rights of his children to a lot of his personal items.

According to reports close to the family, Williams stated that his children would get all of his personal belongs that belonged to him before he was married to Susan in 2011. This means all of his clothes, personal items, industry awards, and just about anything else that belonged to the actor.

However, Susan is not being left out in the cold. She gets one of his luxurious homes, according to the will. Robin’s children Zachary, Zelda and Cody say that they are heartbroken and that the can’t believe that Susan is challenging this, even if these were the explicit wishes of Williams himself.


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