Suge Knight Faces Life In Prison

Marion "Suge" Knight Arraignment

Marion “Suge” Knight is no stranger to the court room. However, this time the rap mogul could be facing life in prison if convicted. Knight is accused of running over two men in a hit and run incident that occurred in Compton.

One of the men that was hit by the car was killed and the other was injured. Knight’s $2.2 million bail was revoked and he has officially been charged for both murder and attempted murder.

According to reports, the incident occurred in a parking lot in Compton. Knight got into an altercation with two men, and then allegedly ran them both over before leaving the scene.

Knight’s attorney claims that he was being attacked by the two men and that he struck them with his car accidentally while trying to escape. Of course, the prosecution is saying that they will show in the case that Knight ran over the two men intentionally.

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