Bryan Cranston As President Lyndon B. Johnson In His Broadway Debut

20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Presentation

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston is preparing for his first Broadway appearance by slowing down his schedule and “living like a monk”.

The actor is supposed to play former US President Lyndon B. Johnson in Robert Schenkkan’s play All The Way. The play is about Johnson’s rise as the American leader after the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Cranston has already found a home in New York near Neil Simon Theater, and changed his diet as well as the rest of his lifestyle so he could rock his demanding stint on stage next month.

Bryan told USA Today, “I’m happy to be in New York and to just be able to focus on one thing. It makes my life a little simpler, to just do the play and then go home, eat well, take my vitamins, get some sleep and come back to rehearse some more. I’m living like a monk.”

When he was asked about his decision to “finally tackle the Big Apple’s” respected area, he said, “I wanted to wait for something that had meaning, that really had resonance, that was historically important, socially important and entertaining.”

Talking about his presidential role, Bryan said, “I want to be all of him, his highs, his lows, his good, his bad, and to present it honestly.”

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