Caitlyn Jenner Thanks Laverne Cox For Love And Support


After her fabulous Vanity Fair cover saw the light of day, Caitlyn Jenner has received many compliments and beautiful wishes from fans and LGBTQ+ supporters from all the world over, and has now decided to thank one person in particular – Laverne Cox.

Laverne Cox is an African-American transgender actress, famous for her portrayal of Sophia in Orange is the New Black and her tireless support for anyone who is brave enough to live their life the way they want to. In line with that, her posts were full of praise and support for Jenner after the cover was made public.

However, Cox did not miss the opportunity to mention all the less privileged transgender people who are not as fortunate as the two of them, and all the murders of trans women that have taken place in the US in recent times. It is truly touching to see two gorgeous ladies having each other’s back, and supporting the common folk at the same time.

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