Usher And Bieber Sued For Copyright Infringement


Usher and Justin Bieber could lose some serious money in the near future, as they are being sued for $10 million due to copyright infringement. A lawsuit from 2013 has been revived by the 4th Circuit Court, and the case will return to lower court for further assessment.

In 2013, singer Devin Copeland and songwriter Mareio Overton filed a lawsuit against the famous duo, claiming they stole their song ‘Somebody to Love’, including the track’s title. The case was dismissed in March 2014 by a U.S. District Judge who claimed that there were no similarities between the tracks.

Apparently, the 4th Circuit Court does not agree, as they found the songs have a very similar melody and rhythm, as well as chorus. Even though the song by Copeland, and the one recorded by Usher and Bieber belong to different genres, it is important to address the issue since doing the opposite might give artists too much liberty to use other people’s work as their own.

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