Canadian Court Finds Bieber Guilty Of Assault, Careless Driving


We are hoping that this will be the last time that Justin Bieber will be appearing in a court room. The pop star has recently stated that he has turned a new leaf and that his trouble making days are over.

This last court appearance stemmed from a careless driving arrest in Canada. In August, Bieber was crusing on his ATV and ended up colliding with a minivan. He “appeared” in court via video link, according to sources. And he got off pretty easy. All he had to do was pay a fine of $750 Canadian dollars. Of course, this was the last in a string of arrest that occurred during this recently, fairly strange episode of his life.

Last August, he pleased guilty to careless driving and resisting arrest in a Miami DUI case and was sentenced to community service and taking anger management classes.

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