So Justin Bieber Is An Internationally Wanted Man


It is becoming more and more difficult to figure out whether Justin Bieber has an insanely proficient publicity team behind him or if he just leads a very interesting life. The news just came out that Biebs is now an internationally wanted man and that he might be facing arrest in Rome.

So, what is Justin doing in Rome and what’s the hullabaloo all about?

Well, Justin is in Italy’s capital for making a cameo in the new Zoolander sequel and it seems that there are rumors he might get nicked for his outstanding warrant in Argentina.

Just to remind you, he is a wanted man in Argentina for an incident involving his bodyguards beating up a photographer in Buenos Aires. Moreover, it seems Justin is on Interpol’s list, Interpol being an international police organization with quite a pull in world outside of US.

While there is still no news of Italian police actually making the arrest, if it does happen, he might be in big trouble since Italy and Argentina have an extradition treaty in place.

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