First Pics Of Will Smith On Suicide Squad Set


Jared Leto and his Joker have been hogging the news when it comes to the new comic book movie Suicide Squad. People almost forget that there are other A-list actors attached to the movie and that they also deserve some attention.

And it is only natural that the biggest star among them will also be the first attracting some attention. We’re, of course, talking about Will Smith who plays Deadshot, one of Batman’s biggest enemies.

The movie is being shot in Toronto at the moment and we are getting first pics of Will in his latest role. Fans might be disappointed, though, since the actor is not wearing the costume and the pics are of him in street clothes.

More precisely, Will is sporting a red leather coat and a hat for a very 1970s Walt Frazier look.

In translation – he’s looking cool.

More photos of Will Smith on the set of 'SUICIDE SQUAD'! #SuicideSquad

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EXCLUSIVE: Will Smith on the set of ‘SUICIDE SQUAD’! #suicidesquad

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